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Ben Albritton

Faith. Families. Freedom.

Ben enjoys spending quality time with his family, managing his family business, reading and studying about the founding principles of America, and aggressively searching for innovative ways to make Florida a better place for our generations to come.

Left to Right: Ryan, Ben, Rebecca, Missy, Joshua

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  • Tom Rooney

    Ben Albritton is a tireless and dedicated servant leader committed to strengthening our communities.

    Tom Rooney Congressman (17th District)
  • Dennis Ross

    Ben Albritton is a committed and consistent conservative.

    Dennis Ross Congressman (15th District)
  • Florida Citrus Commission

    Ben Albritton has been a champion of Florida agriculture.

    Mike Garavaglia Florida Citrus Commission Vice Chair
  • Bill Truex

    Ben Albritton’s proven track record of thoughtful, conservative leadership makes him the clear choice for District 26 in the Florida Senate.

    Bill Truex Charlotte County Commissioner (3rd District)
  • Brian Haas

    I look forward to Ben's continued leadership in the Florida Senate.

    Brian Haas State Attorney for the 10th Judicial Circuit
  • Ken Roberson

    After having watched Ben Albritton’s career in the House, I’m convinced we can count on him in the Florida Senate.

    Ken Roberson Former State Representative (75th District)
  • Mike Grant

    With Ben in the Florida Senate, his constituents can be confident they have someone in Tallahassee who will always put their best interest first.

    Mike Grant State Representative (71st District)
  • Rachel Kessling

    I look forward to working with him to keep Punta Gorda and all of our communities strong

    Rachel Kessling Punta Gorda Mayor
  • James Clements

    Ben Albritton has served in the Florida House with vision and integrity. He's been there for Bartow when we truly needed his support. I'm confident he'll continue to deliver for us in the Florida Senate.

    James F. Clements Bartow Mayor
  • Trish Pfeiffer

    I may not always agree with the eventual outcomes of the tough decisions that political leaders are charged with making, but a well informed, educated leader and a candidate that remembers where he came from and who he represents makes it an easy choice. That is why I am endorsing Ben Albritton for the Florida State Senate.

    Trish Pfeiffer Bartow City Commissioner (immediate past mayor)
  • Howard Wiggs

    Ben Albritton has proven himself as a leader in the legislature. Without hesitation, I believe he will continue to represent our area effectively in the Senate.

    Howard Wiggs Lakeland Mayor
  • Elton langford

    Ben Albritton's service in the Florida House has been characterized by hard work and conservative values.

    Elton Langford DeSoto County Commissioner (4th District)
  • Juril Mansfield

    His integrity and character make him a strong leader, and he'll make sure the issues we're concerned about are a priority in the Legislature.

    Juril "Buddy" Mansfield DeSoto County Commissioner (1st District)
  • James Selph

    Ben's down-to-earth background allows him to relate to DeSoto residents, and the respect he's earned in Tallahassee will enable him to get things done.

    James Selph DeSoto County Commissioner (2nd District)
  • Will Wise

    I know Ben understands how important it is to put resources behind law enforcement. I’m proud to support Ben because I know he will keep working hard in Tallahassee, but he won’t forget where he came from. He is a true conservative and a true servant leader.

    James Selph Will Wise, retired Sheriff of DeSoto County
  • Joe Tiseo

    Joe Tiseo Charlotte County Commissioner (5th District)
  • Ken Doherty

    Ken Doherty Charlotte County Commissioner (1st District)